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1y, zg, 1i, 6, l, 0, g, 8, 2xb, e0, 2, ys, Diabolik Lovers: Chaos Lineage Is Receiving A Day One Update | NintendoSoup
Diabolik Lovers: Chaos Lineage Is Receiving A Day One Update

Diabolik Lovers: Chaos Lineage Is Receiving A Day One Update

Idea Factory has announced a Day One update for Diabolik Lovers: Chaos Lineage, which launches for Nintendo Switch on March 28.

According to Idea Factory, the Day One patch fixes a bug with swiping and enlarging the artwork in the Event Graphic gallery, as well as a bug that turns the screen black after saving the game, closing it, and booting the game up again to select a chapter to play.

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