Discord CEO Wants To Help Nintendo With Switch Voice Chat

Discord CEO Wants To Help Nintendo With Switch Voice Chat

At 87 million strong and 1.5 million added each week, it is safe to say that chat app Discord knows what it is doing. That is why Nintendo should jump at Discord’s CEO offer for help.

In an article by the Rolling Stone, Discord CEO Jason Citron said that he had spent hundreds of hours on his Switch and wants to help run Nintendo’s voice chat system.

And the service is growing a surprisingly large audience among console gamers, mostly, Citron believes, because Discord’s sound quality is so high and latency is so low. A large number of Nintendo Switch owners are among those users, perhaps because Nintendo’s own chat service for the console isn’t very integrated, requiring users to download a smartphone app.

“I have thought about the Switch,” he says.

“I have spent many hundreds of hours of my life in that little screen.”

“If Nintendo wants us to power their voice chat, we’d be happy to talk.”

The Nintendo Switch’s voice chat system is currently a huge mess. There is no direct built in voice communication within the Switch and players are forced to use Nintendo’s smartphone application to go about communicating. Maybe Discord can really show Nintendo a thing or two about game chat systems. If you are interested, you can read the full article here.