Discovering Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars at E3

Discovering Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars at E3

Kalypso gave me an off hand presentation of this turn based strategy game that has an usual premise. The vampires are the protagonists.

This world features different clans of vampires each with their own goals and plans as they battle and make alliances to take control of the land of Nemire. With some property damage in the form of human villages along the way.

There are three clans each with their own distinctive units, powers, gameplay mechanics and characters. The powers come from the different cards available to each of the main units.

I was skeptical a first about this card mechanic. But as someone who just finished my first tactical RPG, I became curious about how cards could provide a refreshing take on the gameplay with a new sense of limited moves and turns.

There is permadeath when units are killed in battle and they affect the game in an interesting fashion. Fallen units may become cards that you case use for battle. I think this feature is a great way of finding a use for deceased members of your army which can often become forgotten shortly after their death.

I also see this as a way of players not immediately deciding to reset their game sicne there can be potential in their teammate’s new form,

There are three total modes for the game: Skirmish, Custom, and Campaign with the latter being the primary mode.

I’m excited to see how this darker yet fantastical take on the genre will do on Switch with other traditional tactical RPGs also coming to the system within the next year.

Immortal Realms comes to Switch in Quarter 4 of 2019.