Donkey Kong Country Is Now 25 Years Old

Donkey Kong Country Is Now 25 Years Old

On 21 November 1994, superstar company RARE released one of the most revered platformers of all time – Donkey Kong Country!

Indeed, the timeless game is now 25 years old in North America, long after its original debut on the SNES. The game was notable for its use of 3D-like sprites and backgrounds – giving the game a unique artstyle unlike any 2D platformer out at the time.

Of course, no conversation about DKC would be complete without mentioning its amazing soundtrack by David Wise himself – who would go on to compose for more modern platformers like Yooka Laylee! Till today, people still recall the soothing tune of the level ‘Coral Capers’ – and that’s certainly no coincidence!

In celebration of the game, GameXplain has even been talking to many of the game’s directors and creators! Check out their interviews below:


While DKC isn’t yet available as an SNES game for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, we’re definitely hoping that we see it join the library soon! In the meantime, we’ll just have to look back and reminisce on the game’s bizarre charm.

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