Donkey Kong Series Has Crossed 65 Million Sales Worldwide

Donkey Kong Series Has Crossed 65 Million Sales Worldwide

Nintendo has announced that the Donkey Kong series has crossed a massive sales milestone.

The news was revealed in the press release announcing the Donkey Kong expansion for Super Nintendo World Japan, confirming that the series has crossed 65 million sales worldwide as of March 2021. Presumably, this includes every Donkey Kong game released since his debut in 1981:

Nintendo’s Donkey Kong franchise started with an arcade game in 1981 and quickly captured the hearts of fans around the world. Since then, the Donkey Kong game series has continually delivered more games on Nintendo video game systems, such as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii, and Nintendo Switch. The series has sold over 65 million units (as of March 2021) worldwide to generations of fans.

Hopefully, this announcement is a sign that Nintendo is planning a new entry in the series to be revealed sometime soon. We will be sure to report back with more details as they come.

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