Don’t Sink Launches For Nintendo Switch On 3 January 2019

Don’t Sink Launches For Nintendo Switch On 3 January 2019

Soon, you’ll be able to usher in the New Year with mischievous pirate antics.

Hitcents’ Don’t Sink will be hitting the Nintendo Switch eShop on 3 January 2019. Step into a sandbox-style adventure on the high seas, as you attempt to establish your reputation as a no-good pirate.

Check out the official Switch trailer, with more details below.

A Sandbox-Adventure-Pirate-RPG that takes inspiration from Pirates of the Caribbean (2003 video game), FTL: Faster Than Light, and Sid Meier’s Pirates but makes certain to stand out on its own.

  • Explore a massive world with unique islands and landscapes. Discuss rumors and discover the origins of each island by talking to the people that live there
  • Expect the unexpected when at sea. Events you may be unprepared for may occur such as a foodborne illness among your crew. You’ll need to have access to the right supplies and have the experience to keep your ship afloat
  • A casual but real challenge – While simple to pickup and understand, there are numerous events that only an experienced swashbuckler will be prepared for. This makes the game more satisfying for long term pirates
  • Thoughtfully executed cutscenes that help to bring the world to life as well as reward pirates that explore