Dr. Mario World Datamined, Revealing New Doctor Characters

Dr. Mario World Datamined, Revealing New Doctor Characters

Earlier today, Dr. Mario World made a surprise debut and released earlier than expected. In just a few hours, however, fans are already exposing the mobile title’s little secrets for the world to see.

Several dataminers have already gotten their grubby mitts on the game’s files, and what they found was quite eye-opening! Namely, they discovered more doctor characters coming to the game – with some surely being fan-favorites.

If you don’t mind some potential spoilers, check out who the dataminers found below.

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That’s right! According to these character portraits, we will most likely be seeing characters like Daisy, Waluigi, Rosalina, and even Diddy Kong put on their doctor’s garb to bust viruses! Of course, these files could just be placeholders for now – but they give us a good idea of what’s to come.

We’ll report back when we hear more about future content in Dr. Mario World. Stay tuned!