Dragalia Lost 1.5 Year Anniversary Celebration And More Upcoming Events Detailed

Dragalia Lost 1.5 Year Anniversary Celebration And More Upcoming Events Detailed

Cygames has aired the Dragalia Lost 1.5 Year Anniversary Digest presentation, detailing the 1.5 Year Anniversary Celebration Bonuses as well as a number of upcoming events in store for the game.

You can check out the presentation via the link below, along with some highlights of the key announcements:

Login Bonus

  • 10 day login campaign

  • One 10 fold summon

  • 40 Exuisite Honey & 40 Blessed Ashes

  • 1 Commemoration 5* Wyrmprint (effects unknown)

  • 1 5* Adventurer Summon Voucher

  • 1 5* Dragon Summon Voucher

  • 1 Damascus Ingot

  • 100,000 Eldwater

  • 1,200 Wyrmite

  • Mini Zodi (assumed a free 5* MUB dragon with split hp/str stats similar to Mini Mids from the 1 year anniversary)

  • Digest Release Login Bonus: 50 Exquisite Honey, 10 mil Rupees, 100k Eldwater


  • Resetting Social Reward Counter Reset

    • Up to 2500 Wyrmite from playing co-op with different players

  • Champion’s Road Campaign Endeavors

    • Up to 5000 Wyrmite from endeavors such as “clear High Midgardsormer and Volk standard”

  • Triple Drops on Elemental Ruins, Dragon Trials, and Imperial Onslaught

    • Runs from 3/26 – 4/9 with varying elements on rate up during different periods

  • Double Stamina Recovery 3/26-4/9

Summoning Showcases

Gala Dragalia

  • Duration: Mar 26 – April 1

  • Gala Alex (Shadow Sword)

  • All Players get a free 10 fold every day of the gala aka 6 tenfolds aka 60 summons

Platinum Showcase

  • 2 Gala Showcases

    • Gala Cleo, Gala Ranzal, Gala Sarisse, Gala Luca

    • Gala Euden, Gala Elissane, Gala Mym

  • Guaranteed 1 of the rate up units, can only summon once on each showcase

New Raid Event: Scars of the Syndicate

  • 3/30 – 4/12

  • Multiple Part Summon Showcase

    • Part 1 includes 2 new adventurers: Bellina & Andromeda

    • Part 2+ showcase info unknown

Event Compendium Release

  • Allows to play old events anytime

    • First events available will be Flames of Reflection, Spirit of Dragonyule, & A Wish to the Winds

    • Raid events are still a work in progress

Co-Ability Rework

  • Adventurers will now have new Chain Co-abilities that affect the whole team and can stack, will be more varied than regular co-abilities

    • Unique abilities for some adventurers like Chelsea providing a team shield under certain health have been noted

  • Old co-abilities will stack within your own 4 man team when playing co-op rather than between co-op players, similar to solo play

Shop Updates

  • New drop item Fafnir Medals

    • Can be traded for rare items like Champ Testaments or items from High Dragon trials or Void Dragons

  • 5 Special 1.5 Year Anniversary Packs for purchase via real currency

    • Superior Orb, Sunlight Stone Quad, 5* Dragon, Dragon Upgrade, and Diamantium Mega-Pack

Future Planned Releases for Dragalia Lost

Skill Update

  • Team Leader will eventually be able to use 2 skills from other adventurers similar to helper skills

New Event Types: Defensive Battles

  • Fend off enemies, potentially similar to the villiage/castle defense mode from the FEH collab

Encyclopedia Feature: Look at a record of all obtained units/wyrmprints/etc

New Agito Bosses

  • Ciella

  • Duo Boss: Ayaha & Otoha

Story Content

  • Chapter 13 Release in April

  • Chapter 14 Release in June

  • Chapter 15 Release in August

Fire Emblem Heroes: Lost Heroes Collab Revival + New FEH Collab Event

  • April 19th: the Lost Heroes event returns
  • End of April: the new collab event arrives
  • Marth, Fjorm, Alphonse, & Veronica will be getting Mana Spirals alongside the event revival

What do you think of these announcements? Let us know in the comments.