Dragalia Lost Changes Directors, Upcoming Events And Updates Detailed

Dragalia Lost Changes Directors, Upcoming Events And Updates Detailed

Last week, Dragalia Lost director Hiroki Matsuura announced that he would be stepping down and handing his position over to Yuji Okada from BlazeGames. Following the handing over, Okada then proceeded to share what players can expect from Dragalia Lost in the coming month.

The announcement of the handover was made via the Dragalia Lost website, which shared a short message from Hiroki Matsuura explaining that he was leaving the project and passing the role of director to Yuji Okada.

Hello, everyone! This is Matsuura, director of Dragalia Lost.

As of now, I’ll be handing the title of director over to Mr. Okada.

It is a bit sad to be leaving the project, but Mr. Okada has a wealth of experience developing and managing games—including social games. He assisted in the final stages of development for Dragalia Lost, so I have no worries about leaving this game in his hands.

I believe that Mr. Okada’s fresh perspective will allow him to expand the game, both in terms of story as well as game systems. I’m as excited as anyone to see where he takes it!

Like Matsuura, Okada had been involved with the production of Dragalia Lost since before its launch, and Matsuura assured fans that the game would be in capable hands moving forward. You can read Matsuura’s full message along with some words from Okada about the handover here.

Shortly after the handover announcement, Okada posted his first “What’s Ahead for Dragalia Lost” update as director. A summary of the announcements can be found below:

Upcoming Events

dragalia event 1

  • Weekly Free Summon Events will be held on Saturdays and Sundays throughout July for select Summon Showcases.
  • A new event called “Flames Of Recollection” focusing on Flama type Adventurers and Blacksmith Ramona’s family will begin on July 11th
    • Ramona and her two sisters will be part of the Summon Showcase for the event
  • The next story chapter focusing on the third heir Chelle will be added on July 15th
  • A new Advanced Dragon Trial will be added in July

Upcoming Features

astral raids

  • Astral Raids
    • Begins July 20, features raid bosses on weekends.
    • Fighting bosses will use astral pieces, which can be earned on weekdays.
    • Each week, a different boss will be featured.
  • Augments
    • Becomes available after Chapter 9 of the story campaign.
    • Using specific items, you can upgrade adventurers, weapons, wymprints, and dragons up to +50 HP and Strength each.
    • Items for augments can be earned from Astral Raids


dragalia update

  • A chat room where you can communicate with alliance members using messages and stickers.
  • Co-op rooms can also be created, so that recruiting for co-op within alliances will become significantly easier.
  • More details to come in the future

Thank You Gift

  • The following gifts will be distributed to all players as thanks for their support
    • Wyrmite x500
    • Gold crystal x100
    • Gold whetstone x100
    • Consecrated water x200
    • Succulent dragonfruit x100

In addition, Nintendo also shared the following video re-capping the story of Dragalia Lost so far:

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