Dragon Quest Builders 2 Is Getting A 3 Times Taller Height Limit

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Is Getting A 3 Times Taller Height Limit

In the latest issue of Famitsu, the magazine sat down with Dragon Quest Builders 2 producer Noriyoshi Fujimoto and assistant producer Shiraishi Takuma to talk about the game’s development.

First and foremost, the duo revealed that Dragon Quest Builders 2 was possible thanks to the great sales of the first game. Two of the most requested features from players were a higher height limit and 4 player multiplayer. Players have been granted this wish with a height limit 3 times taller than the previous game. While the team aren’t able to discuss about multiplayer yet, they said it will do more than just make people say “it’s just multiplayer”.

In typical Square Enix fashion, players who own Dragon Quest Builders will receive a special bonus when they play Dragon Quest Builders 2. No word on what that special bonus is yet. You’ll have to own Dragon Quest Builders on Nintendo Switch to receive the bonus in Dragon Quest Builders 2 on Switch (cross platform bonuses aren’t available).

Development is currently in a “trial and error” phase, where the developers are testing various things out. Both Fujimoto and Takuma have nothing to comment on Dragon Quest Builders 2’s connection to the first game or its story, but they did mention Sidoh will make an appearance and players who haven’t played the first game will be able to enjoy Dragon Quest Builders 2.