Dragon Quest XI S To Have Voice Acting Changes

Dragon Quest XI S To Have Voice Acting Changes

Yesterday night, Square Enix announced Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch at Tokyo Game Show 2018.

The “S” subtitle stands for several things – Switch, Special, and Shaberu, which means voice acting in Japanese. While the first two meanings are self-explanatory, many are curious about the Shaberu subtitle.

Here’s what Dragon Quest XI S producer Hokuto Okamoto has to say about it:

“Even though shaberu (speaking) will be taking priority… I think there are some players who would prefer Dragon Quest without voices, and we’re keeping that in mind. Horii will be able to say more about that at some point…”

Looks like Square Enix might be providing the option to toggle on or off voice acting in Dragon Quest XI S, or completely change the way it works with a new gameplay element.

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