Dragon Quest XI S To Receive Voice Drama DLC, More Features Announced

Dragon Quest XI S To Receive Voice Drama DLC, More Features Announced

A few hours ago Square Enix hosted the second Dragon Quest XI S livestream, which revealed a couple of details for the game.

First are a couple of new details for the game’s 3D mode. Apparently you can speak to your team mates without having to open the menu in 3D mode. It seems there is a new and unannounced feature for equipping, which should be revealed in the future.

Other details for 3D mode include the ability to dash by pressing ZR, the ability to ride horses by using the “Horse Bell” tool, as well as using the horse to ram other monsters.

Also briefly touched upon was 2D mode. Square Enix revealed all of the original maps unique to the 3DS version would be included in Dragon Quest XI S, which seems to imply that the StreetPass maps exclusive to Dragon Quest XI would be accessible in some way.

And now onto 3D battles – you can now set the speed of battles. There are three options – regular, fast, and super fast.

Square Enix also confirmed DLC is on the way in the form of voice drama. Last but not least, we’ll hear more details on Dragon Quest XI S in June 2019, so probably sometime around E3.

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UPDATE: Marriage system, orchestra music also included.