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hlv, fh, inc, zne, b, 4, 7, ok, xpu, y9, o, e, o, Dragon Quest XI Sells 2 Million Copies At Launch | NintendoSoup
Dragon Quest XI Sells 2 Million Copies At Launch

Dragon Quest XI Sells 2 Million Copies At Launch

After Splatoon 2, Dragon Quest XI was the next biggest launch game in Japan for the month of July.

Famitsu reports that the game has moved a total of 2,080,806 copies. Out of 2 million, 1,130,468 copies were the Nintendo 3DS version, and 950,338 copies were the PS4 version.

The total number includes digital copies of the game and pre-installed copies of the game that come with the Dragon Quest XI New Nintendo 2DS LL and PS4 bundles.

As expected from these numbers, Dragon Quest XI is off to a strong start in Japan.

The game will be localized and released in the west next year, but no platforms have been officially confirmed yet.