Dungeon RPG Monyuu Receives New Details And Gameplay Footage

Dungeon RPG Monyuu Receives New Details And Gameplay Footage

Following its reveal last week, developer Experience has shared more information about their upcoming dungeon RPG Monyuu for Switch.

The details come via the developer’s “EXP Channel 3rd Season #24”, and include details about the game’s story, characters, and concepts. They also showed off 13 minutes of gameplay showing Monyuu off in action.

You can check out the gameplay below (from 42:05 to 54:55) along with translated details via Gematsu:


  • Experience is currently not thinking about porting the game to other platforms. However, if they find a company that will port the game for an overseas release, then they may release it on platforms other than Switch.
  • The game is a dungeon RPG return to roots. Experience wants to reproduce the excitement and fear induced by the original Wizardry. It is a difficult game—probably more so than Undernaughts: Labyrinth of Yomi. You will die a lot.

Playable Characters & NPCs


  • You can create your own characters, including their name, job, and appearance, but the bonus points allotted to their stats are completely random. You can redo character creation as much as you like, so if you want a strong character, keep at it until you get high bonus points. The chances of getting 20 or more bonus points is about one percent.
  • There are no severe death penalties such as losing your characters, losing your money, or halving your experience points.


  • Eternia (left) is the name of the queen of the fairy realm who spoke in the prologue. Tschugge (right) is navigator-like manager of the Adventurer’s Guild where the heroes stay.


  • Frey, the boss character pictured in the image above, is one of the seven demon kings. There is a boss on each floor of the dungeon. How you defeat boss characters and how you clear dungeons are more intricate than ever before. You will need think hard about how to win.


  • There is a level cap. This is the type of game where you have to fight within that limit.
  • Battle encounters are symbol-based. Some enemy symbols move, including strong enemies. There are various types of enemies that move.
  • There is no dungeon map at the start. By doing certain things in the system, the map will unlock. After the map is unlocked, you can autopilot. But you will have to map it on your own until you find the map.
  • There is a function that evaluates the player’s skills after the seven demon kings are defeated. There are various valuation criteria, such as not dying, clearing the game on the lowest possible level, and so on. It is a game you play to achieve these feats and receive a good evaluation. Doing so will net you rewards such as items. The best reward is that you will always receive a chest one rank higher. In other words, you can easily obtain better equipment by getting a good evaluation.
  • Character level does not increase automatically, rather players must spend the experience points they accumulate to increase their level on their own. Skills and jobs are similar to Undernaughts: Labyrinth of Yomi.
  • There is an auto-save function. There is also a manual save, so you can save where you want, load, and redo.
  • The more you use equipment, the higher its enhancement value becomes.

Monyuu launches sometime this summer for Switch in Japan.

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