Echoes Of Mana Launches For Mobile Worldwide In 2022

Echoes Of Mana Launches For Mobile Worldwide In 2022

Mana fans will soon be able to enjoy the beloved JRPG series on the go!

During the Mana series 30th anniversary live stream, publisher Square Enix and WFS announced Echoes of Mana for iOS and Android, a “Mana series all-stars action RPG”. It will launch as a free-to-play title with in-app purchases in 2022 worldwide and will support English, Japanese, French, German, Traditional Chinese, and Korean language options.

Check out the reveal trailer along with some details on the game:

  • Echoes of Mana is an all-stars game featuring characters from previous Mana games.
  • Players can choose between two protagonists: Kilt (male) and Kilte (female).
  • The game is set in a world where all has been lost. The protagonist, guided by the goddess, sets off on an adventure to various worlds of memories in search of the legendary sword to restore the world.
  • All illustrations are original to this game.
  • Original worlds will appear in addition to worlds from previous Mana games.
  • All characters from previous Mana games will be playable.
  • Characters from Legend of Mana and Children of Mana will also appear.
  • Characters previously without voices will also appear, such as Amanda.
  • In battle, you can form a party with three characters and freely switch between them in combat. While simple and easy-to-play, it aims to be a battle system worthy of the Mana series name.

We will report back on this title as more information on it is released, so stay tuned!