Emily Rogers: ‘New Switch Experience’ Is A New IP From Nintendo’s Labo Team, Has Really Nice Graphics

Emily Rogers: ‘New Switch Experience’ Is A New IP From Nintendo’s Labo Team, Has Really Nice Graphics

Emily Rogers has once again taken to ResetEra her apparent inside information regarding Nintendo’s upcoming “new experience” for the Nintendo Switch.

Besides giving her thoughts on a number of mystery Switch titles coming in 2019 as well as hinting at what PlatinumGames is up to, which eventually turned out to be Astral Chain, and her recent hint at a Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Switch port, Rogers has now shared an interesting piece of information on Nintendo’s new IP coming from the Labo team.

Earlier, Nintendo has released a teaser involving a flexible ring, which resembles a pilates ring, and a leg strap that hold the Switch Joy-cons. According to Rogers, this “new experience” refers to Nintendo’s fourth mystery Switch title coming this year. This new title apparently appeals more to casuals, but has a really nice graphics for a family-oriented game. It has been developed by the Labo team including staff from Nintendo’s Entertainment Planning & Development Division (EPD).

Here’s what Rogers said over on ResetEra:

This was Mystery game #4, and I’m glad it’s still releasing this year. It’s from the Labo team. Now ya’ll see why when you asked if it was aimed at casuals or enthusiasts, I was a bit hesitant to answer that question. Supposedly it has really nice graphics (for a family game, that is)? The Labo team worked on it, but there’s staff from other parts of EPD involved as well.

Here’s what I wrote earlier this morning on this forum.

It’s possible that Nintendo felt that the Direct wasn’t the right time/right place to reveal this new IP. And I doubt The Game Awards – which appeals more to hardcore gaming enthusiasts – would be the smartest place to announce it either.

It’s complicated. On paper, it features ideas and concepts that sound like it could appeal to most Nintendo fans. However, maybe the execution of those ideas/concepts could lean more casual? It’s difficult to say who the target audience is without seeing the game.

Going back to the teaser which generally showed a fitness-related experience, it actually makes sense to involve staff from Nintendo EPD as they have previously worked on every Wii Fit title. For now, we’ll have to wait and see what this new experience will offer.

As for Rogers’ list of mystery Switch titles, we listed up all the titles which have been announced with respect to the said list. Check them out here.