Europe: Moero Chronicle Hyper Launches For Switch On March 15 [UPDATE]

Europe: Moero Chronicle Hyper Launches For Switch On March 15 [UPDATE]

It looks like Nintendo fans in Europe won’t have to wait much longer for lewd dungeon-crawler Moero Chronicle Hyper to land in their laps.

The European Switch eShop has updated the Compile Heart game with a 15 March 2019 launch date, and £26.99 price tag. Additionally, the eShop listing states that the title will take 3.5 GB of space, and have Touch Screen support.

[UPDATE]: Idea Factory International has clarified that the March 15 release date on eShop is incorrect. Read more details over here.

We will update soon with more details on the North American launch date, when they emerge.

In the meantime, check out some English screenshots with more details below.

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