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Europe: Nintendo 64 Trademark Approved, Might Be For The Classic Edition | NintendoSoup
Europe: Nintendo 64 Trademark Approved, Might Be For The Classic Edition

Europe: Nintendo 64 Trademark Approved, Might Be For The Classic Edition

On August 31, the EUPIO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) finally approved Nintendo’s trademark application for the Nintendo 64 after much back-and-forth since 2017.

While Nintendo has regularly re-trademarked games and hardware released in the past, there’s something peculiar going on with the Nintendo 64 trademark. According to Business Insider, before the NES Classic Edition was announced, the following trademark image was submitted to the EUPIO:

Does it look familiar to you? The exact same image appears on the packaging of the NES Classic Edition:

Now, here’s the Nintendo 64 trademark image, which has an identical style to the NES trademark above:

In case you were wondering, this trademark’s style is different from the ones Nintendo registered in Japan for GameCube this year. We believe Nintendo is making preparations for the Nintendo 64 Classic Edition – it’s a matter of when it would release, rather than if.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.