FAIRY TAIL RPG Will Contain Fanservice, Like In The Manga

FAIRY TAIL RPG Will Contain Fanservice, Like In The Manga

Fans of the FAIRY TAIL series might be familiar with its swathes of saucy fanservice in various chapters – a trademark of its author Hiro Mashima. If that kind of stuff is up your alley, then the upcoming videogame adaptation won’t be lacking in eye-candy!

During an interview with Noisy Pixel, the game’s producer Keisuke Kikuchi spoke more about staying faithful to the game’s source material. One example he mentions are in-game scenarios and costumes that give the playable cast swimsuits. In fact, the series creator Mashima-san even reportedly encouraged the development team to add MORE fanservice!

 “During the game, the characters do go to the beach, which is in line with the canon of the series. We plan on maintaining the integrity of the Fairy Tail world. So, fans can expect to see that level of fanservice because that’s how the original IP presented it, whether it’s shown in a costume or a story scene.”

“Hiro Mashima has a lot of say in his IP and he is always thinking from the viewpoint of the fans. During development, he actually encouraged us to do add more. In that sense, it was really easy for us to work with him and get creative. There were things he was strict about like certain characters wouldn’t wear these costumes or be in a particular situation.”

In a later conversation with Comicbook.com, Kikuchi-san also re-iterated this point – although he did stress that the fanservice wouldn’t be a main focus in the game:

“Obviously that’s not something that this game is about or focuses on, but we’re trying to be faithful to the original franchise. There will be sequences like that one, where it’s the same in the manga and anime that you’ll see some bathing suits and there are a few more in the game.”

Even if bathing suits and beach episodes aren’t your thing, it looks like the team is at least working hard to stay as faithful as possible to the original manga! It’ll definitely be interesting to see what they include in the game when it finally launches.

FAIRY TAIL will be hitting Nintendo Switch in 2020. We’ll report back when we hear more.

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