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Fake Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu ROM Bricks Pirates’ Consoles

Fake Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu ROM Bricks Pirates’ Consoles

Last week, leaked copies of Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee started circulating on the Internet after someone performed a ROM dump of the game.

Many pirates and users in the homebrew community used that as an opportunity to play the game early or scour it for secrets. But someone else had a more sinister objective.

According to multiple user reports, an user on GBAtemp uploaded what appeared to be a ROM of Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu. There was no real leak of Let’s GO Pikachu at that time. But what it really was is a virus that permanently bricks a Nintendo Switch when it’s run for the first time.

Of course, the pirates and users who downloaded and ran the virus were not happy about it, as their systems were bricked. One of the perpetrators behind the virus said victims should learn from “making a NAND backup”.

Responses include “What an a**hole”, “f*** that guy”, and even threats of doxxing.

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