Fake Switch Piracy Tool Bricking Systems Worldwide

Fake Switch Piracy Tool Bricking Systems Worldwide

If you’ve been following our reports on the piracy scene, you’ll know that a team of hackers have been selling a piece of software called SX OS to pirate Nintendo Switch games.

Some cheapskate pirates, who couldn’t afford buying SX OS, decided to pirate SX OS. They were quite unlucky though – they downloaded and installed a fake SX OS payload that bricked their Nintendo Switch.

Victims with bricked Switch consoles are now scrambling to find a solution. There are some on GBAtemp contemplating to send in their consoles to Nintendo for repair (like, why go through all the tech jargon?), but of course, Nintendo will refuse them for bricking the terms and conditions.

In any case, we’d like to remind everyone that pirating on Nintendo Switch is not worth it – even a top hacker said it himself.