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9kz, Fan-Art: What If The Legend Of Zelda Played Like Paper Mario? | NintendoSoup
Fan-Art: What If The Legend Of Zelda Played Like Paper Mario?

Fan-Art: What If The Legend Of Zelda Played Like Paper Mario?

Earlier this week, we covered some rumours about the potential revival of several beloved Mario games. One game, in particular, was Paper Mario. While many fans would love to see a modern remake of the title, what would it be like if Nintendo decided to turn one of its other major franchises into a paper-crafted RPG experience?

The amazing team over at 64 Bits, who didn’t think it was fair that Mario gets to hog all the folding fun, took a crack at things with The Legend of Zelda. It includes some familiar scenes remade, and even showcases the battle system and overworld! Check it out below:

If you showed me the above trailer and told me it was Nintendo’s next game, I would believe you. Just watching the trailer makes me want Nintendo to give this idea a shot.

Would you like to see an actual Paper Zelda game? Let us know in the comments!