Fans 3D-Print Hilarious ‘Ultraswole Pikachu’ Figure

Fans 3D-Print Hilarious ‘Ultraswole Pikachu’ Figure

Ever wondered what Pikachu would actually look like with all the levels he gained with Ash? Well, one bizarre creation may just hold the terrifying answer – in the form of ‘Ultraswole Pikachu‘!

Created recently, this hilarious figurine that you see on your screen features the popular electric mouse with…a lot of spare muscle. It’s certainly not the craziest thing we’ve seen the community churn out, but it’s definitely high up on our list of strange fan-creations! To be clear, the unpainted one on the left belongs to u/cloudycucumber, while the completed beauty on the right is courtesy of its original creator cyenyee.

Raw print and finished ultraswole pikachu. from pokemon

If you want to 3D print this majestic figurine for yourself, you can find the files over here. Just make sure you have enough room to accommodate this absolute unit!