Fan Recreates Part Of Pokemon Red In Fortnite

Fan Recreates Part Of Pokemon Red In Fortnite

Following a recreation of the Lavender Town theme in Fortnite, another fan has taken it one step further and recreated the entire opening areas of the original Pokemon Red.

The map was created through Fortnite‘s creative mode, which allows players to build their own custom maps. This particular map comes courtesy of josh822382 (AKA FiveWalnut8586), who spent two months recreating the first few cities of Pokemon Red from Pallet Town up to Mt. Moon.

Players start the map by picking their “starter” before making their way through the Viridian Forest, challenging Brock’s Onyx in Pewter City, and encountering Team Rocket in Mt. Moon.

You can check out a video trailer below, the same one posted in the original reddit thread:

If you want to try out the map for yourself, the codes can be found on Reddit, Youtube, and the Fortnite Creative HQ. Since its labelled, “Part One” we expect that josh822382 intends to expand the map to include more parts of Pokemon Red in the future. We look forward to seeing the final results!

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