Fans Have Begun Creating Their Own Labo VR Headstraps

Fans Have Begun Creating Their Own Labo VR Headstraps

Its only been a few days since the Labo VR kit was released, but fans have already begun building their own solutions to one of the product’s most glaring issues.

Among all of the criticisms leveled against the Labo VR, the lack of a headstrap is probably the one most fans agree is a problem. Holding the product up with your hands makes sense for experiences like the Toy-con camera and blaster, but not so much games like Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild. Even if one agrees with Nintendo’s reasoning for not including a headstrap, having the option to would still have been nice.

Luckily, the fact that the Labo is made of cardboard means that its quite easy for fans to make their own headstraps for the goggles. The design shared below comes from Ddinenna on reddit, and looks simple enough for anyone to pull off with some glue, scissors and straps.

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