Fans Will Be “Blown Away” By How Fox McCloud Integrates With Starlink

Fans Will Be “Blown Away” By How Fox McCloud Integrates With Starlink

Once again, Ubisoft got to utilise Nintendo’s IP. Although it is not a full on Star Fox game, Ubisoft promises that fans will be “blown away” by how Star Fox characters integrate with their upcoming toys to life game, Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Speaking to Dualshockers, Starlink: Battle for Atlas Producer, Matt Rose, said that Fox McCloud is not just a guest character but a fully voiced acted character that you can play from the start to finish of the game

It was a big focus and one of the great things about Ubisoft is that it’s a company that believes in making bold moves and taking risks so they were fully behind us. When this collaboration was greenlit and we all decided that this was something that we wanted to do, we were able to rally a lot of support to focus on this content and make sure it was absolutely top-notch. I think people are going to be blown away by how well integrated Fox McCloud is in the game. It’s not just a guest character, you can play as him throughout the entire campaign, fully voice-acted by the cast from Star Fox Zero. He’s not just throughout the main game, there’s also exclusive missions, cinematics, and you may see some other friendly faces from the Star Fox universe along the way.

Interestingly the voice cast from Star Fox Zero actually returned for Starlink. You can read the full interview from Dualshockers here.

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