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Crowdfunded For Nintendo Switch | NintendoSoup
FictionSphere Successfully Crowdfunded For Nintendo Switch

FictionSphere Successfully Crowdfunded For Nintendo Switch

Last month, we reported on a crowdfunding campaign for the classy-looking FictionSphere. The game features platforming action similar to the Mega Man Zero games, and its developers even promised the possibility of a Switch port.

Well, it looks like that Switch port will indeed become a reality now – thanks to the contributions of over 470 backers! The campaign recently exceeded one of its stretch goals of $23,740, which will allow the developers to bring the title to Nintendo Switch in the future.

The game’s developers celebrated this achievement with a quick post, which you can check out below.

Another Stretch goal has been unlocked! FictionSphere will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch Console!! With only 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hours left to go we’re hopeful to reach the last few stretch goals! It’s been quite the month and we’re thankful to all the backers for allowing us to get this far! Keep spreading the good word about FictionSphere and lets hit our next goal!

For now, there are about 50 hours left on the crowdfunding campaign (at the time of writing). If you wish to chip-in and give the developers even more love, check out the campaign page over here.

We’ll report back whenever the developers reveal the Switch port officially and announce a release date. Stay tuned!