Final Fantasy VII On Switch Reintroduces Bug That Was Patched Previously

Final Fantasy VII On Switch Reintroduces Bug That Was Patched Previously

After much anticipation, Final Fantasy VII was finally released for a Nintendo console for the first time earlier this week. Unfortunately, it seems like there are still bugs to iron out…or re-iron out in this case.

The bug in question is a music glitch that causes the overworld music to restart after every random encounter. While this isn’t gamebreaking, it does mean that players won’t be able to listen to many of Final Fantasy VII’s iconic music tracks in full, as the tracks will just start all over again after every battle.

If that description sounds familiar to you, that might be because this bug was also present in the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VII when it first came out. This bug for the PS4 version has since been patched, which has added fuel to fans’ ire that its resurfaced for the Switch version. In addition, this bug can also be found in Final Fantasy IX, although in IX’s case the bug doesn’t seem to have been fixed for any platform its on.

In addition to the music bug, there is also apparently a new issue with FFVII on Switch that causes the screen to flash black when transitioning from cutscenes to gameplay.

While these may seem like minor issues to some, many Final Fantasy fans see this as a sign of neglect on Square’s part, especially since so many were excited for the game’s Switch release. Hopefully, Square will take note and patch these problems out of the game soon.

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