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Remastered Now Available For Switch, Receives New Launch Trailer | NintendoSoup
Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Now Available For Switch, Receives New Launch Trailer

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Now Available For Switch, Receives New Launch Trailer

After months of anticipation, JRPG fans can finally get their hands on Final Fantasy VIII Remastered for Switch.

The long awaited updated re-release of Square Enix’s classic RPG is now available for download via the Nintendo eshop. The game includes updated graphics as well as several new quality of life features.

Check out the Launch Trailer and details below:

LOS ANGELES (Sept. 3, 2019) – One of gaming’s most cherished RPGs returns today on modern platforms with the release of FINAL FANTASY® VIII Remastered on the Nintendo Switch™ system, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, PC (STEAM®), and the Xbox One family of devices.

Marking the 20th anniversary of the game’s original release, FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered features newly rendered visuals that breathe life into the game’s characters like never before. Players step into the shoes of SeeD recruit Squall Leonhart and resistance fighter Rinoa Heartilly as they work together to save the world from the military nation of Galbadia.

The remastered version includes the following boosts to enhance the experience:

  • Battle Assist: The ability to always have maxed out HP and ATB, and trigger Limit Breaks at any time.
  • No Encounters: An enemy encounter option that allows players to enjoy the storyline uninterrupted. While enemy encounters are turned off,
  • players can still enjoy the story’s event battles.
  • 3x Speed Boost: Play through the game with three times the speed.

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