Fire Emblem: Three Houses Promotion For Fire Emblem Heroes Announced

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Promotion For Fire Emblem Heroes Announced

Intelligent Systems have announced that Fire Emblem Heroes will be receiving a Fire Emblem: Three Houses cross-promotion bonus when the game releases this July.

The special cross-promotion bonus is a free 5* unit version of Byleth, the main character of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Players who purchase Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be able to redeem Byleth in Fire Emblem Heroes by following the steps laid out in this guide.

The steps are similar to redeeming Pirahna Plant in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and can be boiled down to the following:

  1. Link your Fire Emblem Heroes account to a My Nintendo account
  2. Redeem gold points for Fire Emblem: Three Houses on that same My Nintendo account
  3. Accept the 5* gift Byleth in your Fire Emblem Heroes presents box

That said, if you are for some reason not interested in buying Fire Emblem: Three Houses but still want Byleth as a Fire Emblem Heroes unit, he will become available in standard summoning events sometime in July.

You can check out the full details below, as posted on the Fire Emblem Heroes website:

Players who purchase the Fire Emblem: Three Houses game—releasing for Nintendo Switch on July 26—can also receive a 5-star version of that game’s main character, Byleth: Tested Professor!

If you plan to purchase Fire Emblem: Three Houses, please visit the How to Obtain the Promo Bonus section for additional details and precautions regarding collecting this promotional gift.

・ Only those who have purchased Fire Emblem: Three Houses and have earned Gold Points* by June 29, 2020, will be able to receive the promotional gift.
・ Byleth: Tested Professor will also appear in summoning events, beginning in late July.
・ The promotional Byleth: Tested Professor will be distributed on or after July 26.

*A Nintendo Account is required to receive and redeem My Nintendo points. To create a Nintendo Account you must accept the Nintendo Account Agreement. The Nintendo Account Privacy Policy applies.

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