Fire Emblem Warriors will support dual audio, more character details

Fire Emblem Warriors will support dual audio, more character details

The Nintendo Switch version of Fire Emblem Warriors was playable at Nintendo’s booth at France’s Japan Expo. The playable demo at Japan Expo is a different build from the one at E3, as new characters such as Robin, Lucina, and Lissa were playable.

FuranSuwa shared some details of their experience playing the demo. Firstly, the final game will let players choose between Japanese and English voice acting, according to a Nintendo representative at the booth. Secondly, “cups of tea” are apparently health restoring items in Fire Emblem Warriors. They can be obtained by breaking pots (sounds familiar?).

Now for some details on the latest Fire Emblem Awakening cast joining Fire Emblem Warriors.

In Fire Emblem Warriors, Robin wields a tome, just like how he’s depicted in Awakening. He casts a lighting spell for a normal attack, and “changes spells for stronger attacks.” He has the ability to cast a huge attack that gradually hurts enemies for a long time. Other spells Robin is capable of include Fire, Thunder, Wind Blade, a couple of dark type attacks, and a “lighting vortex”. Robin uses a Levin Sword for special attacks.

As for Lucina, she’s a “typical sword fighter” and her attacks are similar to her movement in Awakening. There’s one exception though – she uses a “bow of light” to attack stronger enemies.

Lissa is described as a really fast character, swinging her axe like a “twirling baton”. Sometimes Lissa could even spin along with the axe, and finishes her move with a lighting attack. Lissa is capable of healing allies too, and the game displays the surrounding area allies would be healed before confirmation.

Fredrick wasn’t playable in the Fire Emblem Warriors demo, but he appeared as a boss. His moves are similar to “a cavalier with an axe”.