First Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Datamine Reveals Future Plans

First Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Datamine Reveals Future Plans

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been datamined for the very first time. Although the game won’t officially be out in most of the world until late November, dataminers have found a treasure trove of information on what seems to be features that will be added in the future.

First up, dataminers have found references to a garden feature. Based on the references we can tell that they’ll be able to plant plants in their gardens and they have to be watered. There’s even seeds, fertilizer, and flowers. Soil will have three different states – Normal, Dry, and Withered. Animals will also populate the garden.

It’s also possible that the garden may have a “plant breeding” feature due to references to “Buds, Branches and Plant Genes”.

Next, dataminers have found three seasons in the game – Spring, Summer, and Winter. There’s no sign of Autumn for the time being, but it’ll most likely be added in a future update.

Placeholders for facilities and special costumes have also been found. Players will be able to build schools, shops, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and all sorts of buildings in the future. There may even be Mario, Link, Samus, Pikmin, and Airou costumes to wear.

Lastly, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will support different types of weather effects, such as rain, heavy rain, snow, and even special effects for the summer and winter solstices.

If you’re interested, you can find more info on the APK datamine here.