First Details On Super Rare Games’ Club Membership

First Details On Super Rare Games’ Club Membership

Earlier in 2018, Super Rare Games, the publisher of various limited production Nintendo Switch physical releases, was exploring the possibility of a paid membership system.

Today we’ve received the first details of this new membership system called Super Rare Club, due to begin on February 1, 2019. First, to join the club, you will need to pay GBP25 along with sales tax. Club membership runs for one year and registration will begin in January 2019.

Members of Super Rare Club will receive the following benefits:

  • Access to all products 48 hours before their general release dates
  • Priority shipping
  • Receive inside information and exclusive game announcements via a secret mailing list
  • Access to a secret Discord channel with members of the Super Rare Games team
  • Entry into monthly competitions for a chance to win special items and signed copies of games
  • 25% discount on any purchased merchandise (one use only)

What do you think? Will you sign up for the membership?