First Impressions Of Aksys’ Games’ Ghost Parade

First Impressions Of Aksys’ Games’ Ghost Parade

Set off on an adventure with this spooky crew.

Ghost Parade is about a young girl named Suri who’s looking to guide the living and the dead through a fantasy setting world full of giant bugs and other obstacles that are eager to send make her into a ghost her self.

While the game seems pretty simple at a glance, but just by watching several people play this I could tell that it leans more towards the difficult side since the player can die very suddenly. Suri has a floaty jump and you need to avoid falling boulders, flames, pitfalls, and wandering enemies to make it through huge levels that often have a variety of paths to choose from.

Your ghost inventory comes in handy for boss fights which can wall your journey if you aren’t careful. The eerie vibe of your journey is enhanced by Suri’s relative fragility as she tries to survive the platofrm sections and enemy fights with limited tools to start.

It felt like the platforming aspect by itself would be enough but the ghost recruitment and skill tree in the game add another level that while I myself not be super interested in, I could see platformer players enjoying this variety in their gameplay.

Ghost Parade is out for Nintendo Switch this November.