First Look On Destiny Connect Screenies, Scenery, Art, More Details Revealed

First Look On Destiny Connect Screenies, Scenery, Art, More Details Revealed

Destiny Connect received a new wave of screenshots showcasing several in-game scenery footages as well as character arts. In addition, the newly opened website introduces more of the game’s outline, story, and characters.

Nippon Ichi Software’s brand new RPG aims at delivering the nostalgia of the classic RPG experience by way of artstyle, graphics, music, and gameplay. Surely, Destiny Connect seemingly has a lot to offer in the arts department.

Feast your eyes on the screenshots and story details below:

■ Product Information

  • Title: Destiny Connect
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Switch
  • Release Date: February 28, 2019 (Japan)
  • Players: One
  • Price: Standard and Download Editions: 7,200 yen (without tax) / 7,776 yen (with tax)
  • CERO Rating: Pending
  • Director: Yoshihiko Toda
  • Art Director: Yu Inaba
  • Scenario: Jun Yokota


■ Game Outline


Destiny Connect is a completely new RPG in development at Nippon Ichi Software.

The graphics are full 3D. The goal was a sense of beauty and comfort only possible with deformed graphics. Players will control characters and explore Clocknee, a town with a nostalgic atmosphere, while advancing the story.

—The streets of Clocknee. It is a lovely town filled with classical buildings and private homes.

—Familiar, deformed-style characters. Conversations and event scenes all play out in 3D.

A Story that Revolves Around Time

The protagonist is Sherry, a girl who lives in the suburban town of Clocknee. In order to figure out the mystery of the disaster that struck the town, Sherry will travel through time with her companions to fight against Clocknee’s crisis. Sherry and company will encounter characters from various different eras during their adventure, and grow in the process. That being said, the “bonds between generations” is also one of the themes of this title.

—Travel to the past and future, and find out the cause of the disaster.

Story Summary

The setting of the story is Clocknee, a town with ancient history.

Sherry, a girl who lives in Clocknee, went to go see the fireworks show at the “Soulman Fes” New Year festival with her mother. The moment the New Year finally arrived, the people of the town mysteriously stopped moving all at once.

Strange machines started moving in place of the frozen humans.

In order to find out the cause of the disaster, Sherri sets off on a trip with the time travel mecha Isaac and her friend Pegreo to a Clocknee of the past.

■ Story

January 1, 2000.

That day, the flow of time left Clocknee behind.

I was just a 10 year old kid, and I believed that the “future” would come without doing anything.

This is the story where we took back our town’s time, and reconnected the past and future.

My name is Sherry Oldies, 10 years old. I’m an ordinary girl who loves cute things and adventures.

Today is December 31, 1999. There is a big turnout for the Soulman Fes to bring in the New Year. I decided to go to the festival with my friend Pegreo.

I went to Cafe Blossom on an errand—it’s a cafe run by my grandma—where I overheard an interesting conversation. Some time ago, there was a “strnage incident” outside of town.

My grandma told me I couldn’t go because it’s dangerous, but… if you heard a story like this, you’d go check it out too, right?

When I got to the place where the incident is said to have happened, a big hole opened in the ground. The adults said that there were traces of something exploding, but was it true?

After I went next to the hole to get closer and check it out, I heard a weird motor sound from behind me. When I turned around, big machines similar to televisions were running.

The machines made awful sounds as they moved closer to us.

Pegreo let out a scream. We had to escape, but our legs were frozen in fear.

The moment I clenched my eyes shut, feeling as if all was lost, a high-pitched metallic sound rang out.

I opened my eyes in fear, and saw a man with his back turned towards us. He held something like a sword in his hand, and the machines from earlier were rolling in smoke at his feet.

The boy looked like one of those cool kid actors that appeared in old movies.

I thanked him, and the boy stupidly said, “You kids hurry home,” and went off somewhere. What a jerk! Ugh, he’s a kid, too! I can’t believe I thought he was cool for even a second!!

It made me angry to do what he said to do, but but it was getting late, so we returned home.

Today was also the day that papa came home. He was away for work for a while.

But no matter how much time passed in the day, there was no sign of papa coming home. The feast that filled the table that we had prepared for papa went completely cold.

To shake off the lonely atmosphere, mama said in a cheerfful voice, “Hey, Sherry. Why don’t we go see the fireworks? It’s the long-awaited day we bring in the New Year, so there’s no sense in being downhearted.”

The most exciting thing at the Soulman Fes are the countdown fireworks. Everyone in town gets excited while looking up at the sky.

The biggest fireworks are launched to announce the New Year, and beads of colorful lights fill the sky.

—But the fireworks never disappeared.

The fireworks and the people in town froze, as if the countdown announcement video was paused the moment it reached zero.

The only two that were moving were mama and me, bewildered by this disaster.

Actually no, there were other people moving. The strange machines that I saw earlier outside of town.

This time, they must surely mean to attack mama and I. They made dull metallic sounds and approached us.

What the heck is going on here? There was no time to sit back and think about it.

In order to get away from the machines, we ran—.


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