Fishing Paradiso For Nintendo Switch Announced, Launches Early 2022

Fishing Paradiso For Nintendo Switch Announced, Launches Early 2022

Looking for a chill adventure where you can just kick back and cast out your fishing line? This upcoming title from Odencat Inc. might be right up your alley!

The developer has announced that its fishing RPG Fishing Paradiso will be hitting Nintendo Switch in Early 2022. The game will see players waking in an afterlife where they embark on a myriad of fishing expeditions!

Here is the official trailer below, along with more details:

Set in a vibrant pixelated paradise, you play as a deceased amnesiac on a quest to discover his true identity alongside his cute but obnoxious bird companion. The more you fish, the more the story will progress, as you meet and forge lasting bonds with the other denizens of the afterlife. And now, you can enjoy the full experience with Fishing Paradiso: Complete Edition, featuring a revamped soundtrack and some all-new features never seen in the original mobile version.


“Though this may be Heaven, you’ll still have to search in order to find your own true paradise…”

The last thing you remember hearing after your untimely death are these mysterious words, said by a giant fish floating amidst a sea of stars.

When you next awaken in the afterlife, you find yourself on a tiny deserted island in the middle of the ocean. No pearly gates, no choir of angels to greet you—just a couple of palm trees and an annoying little bird to keep you company. For a place called Heaven, it sure doesn’t feel much like paradise. There’s no shelter to protect you from the elements, nor even any food to eat. In fact, the only thing here at all seems to be an old fishing rod lying down by the shore.
Looks like you’re gonna have to learn how to fish.

As the story progresses, you’ll encounter a diverse cast of fellow afterlife inhabitants from both Heaven and Hell alike, each with their own problems and emotional baggage. But with your trusty skyPhone and fishing skills, you can help solve them all!

To be sure, it likely won’t be a pleasant journey the whole way through. But why not set sail on a little adventure anyway? You might just uncover the true meaning of paradise.