Fisti-Fluffs Heads To Nintendo Switch In Early 2021

Fisti-Fluffs Heads To Nintendo Switch In Early 2021

Cat lovers and party game maniacs will soon find common ground in this upcoming cat-fight of a game!

During today’s Indie World showcase, Nintendo revealed Fisti-Fluffs – a new physics-based brawler for Nintendo Switch, where players take on the role of cats and tussle to accumulate the most collateral damage around them! The game will be hitting Nintendo Switch in Early 2021.

“Watch out – these kittens have claws! In this physics-based party game featuring fierce felines, you’ll need to whack and pounce your way to victory. Turn the playroom into a battleground by smacking into objects and launching them across the room. Experience the pinnacle of cat-tussling fun by proving your wobbly cat is the best cat. Take the competition locally at launch, with online multiplayer coming in a post-launch update. The paw-sibilities are endless! Fisti-Fluffs gets frisky first on Nintendo Switch in spring 2021.”

Are you kitty-keen to dive into this fuzzy fighter? Feel free to share below!

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