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Food Artist Creates Cute Delicacies Based On Pokemon Sword/Shield's Starters And Wooloo | NintendoSoup
Food Artist Creates Cute Delicacies Based On Pokemon Sword/Shield’s Starters And Wooloo

Food Artist Creates Cute Delicacies Based On Pokemon Sword/Shield’s Starters And Wooloo

These adorable Pokemon might just raise your blood sugar level. Literally.

Twitter user @EverydayBewear is an avid fan of creating dishes based on Nintendo’s franchises – and the Pokemon series is no exception! Following the recent Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct, the artist conjured up some cute donuts for Scorbunny, Sobble, and Grookey. The newly-revealed Wooloo also got its share of love with some adorable marshmallows and curry rice!

Check them all out below!

What do you think of these amazing works of edible art? Are they too cute to eat, or would that just make them all the more delicious? Let us know in the comments below!