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Event Commences, Covering Entire Island In Snow | NintendoSoup
Fortnite ‘Ice Storm’ Winter Event Commences, Covering Entire Island In Snow

Fortnite ‘Ice Storm’ Winter Event Commences, Covering Entire Island In Snow

The battle royales of Fortnite are now more cold-blooded than ever.

For the past week, a mysterious ‘Ice Sphere’ has been appearing in the multiplayer FPS game – heralding some sort of future event. After much speculation and anticipation, the object finally exploded, revealing the evil Ice King – whom proceeded to transform the entire map into a winter hinterland.

You can check out footage of the island freezing over below.

While the only new content so far seems to be some winter-themed costumes, it also looks like players might get some form of Players-Vs-Enemies (PvE) horde mode soon. The event announcement tweet from Epic Games heavily implies this to be the case.

We’ll report back if we hear more about the event. For now, we wish all Fortnite players a merry winter season!