Freddy Spaghetti Heads To Nintendo Switch On December 18, 2020

Freddy Spaghetti Heads To Nintendo Switch On December 18, 2020

Too old to play with your food? Well, you can mess around with this upcoming pasta extravaganza instead!

Publisher Ratalaika Games and developer Playful Pasta will be releasing Freddy Spaghetti via the Switch eShop on 18 December 2020, for $4.99 USD. The game sees players as a literal strand of spaghetti that embarks on a rampage of chaos!

Take a look at the official trailer below:

Meet Freddy. Freddy is spaghetti. Oh, and conscious.

Follow along Freddy’s story as you plunge head first into challenges and obstacles. Created in a laboratory machine by the brilliant Dr. P Starr, Freddy’s story turned out to be quite the adventure that would follow.

Freddy uses rope physics to simulate a squishy, stretchy, ropey character. Levels are short and sweet with each offering something unique.
Walk, Run, Jump, Slide, Slap, Smash, Kick, Dodge and Epic Fail your way to the Goal. Avoid traps while knocking down the objectives. Overcome the environment, master your spaghetti!


  • Fun and Easy Controls
  • Physics all over the place
  • Unique Levels
  • Hilarious and Captivating Story
  • Professional Narration
  • Heaps of Personality
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