Free-To-Play RPG Cryptract Heads To The Japanese Switch eShop On July 11

Free-To-Play RPG Cryptract Heads To The Japanese Switch eShop On July 11

A bountiful JRPG experience is now swooping into the palms of Japanese Nintendo fans!

Lionsfilm announced that Cryptract will be hitting the Japanese Switch eShop on 11 July 2019. The free-to-play title features classic JRPG battles where players can build up powerful parties – with rarer characters offered through gacha-style mechanics.

Cryptract originally debuted on PC browsers, before heading to PS Vita and PS4. Currently, the PS4 version is the only way to play the game in English.

Check out an earlier trailer with more details below.


Cryptract is an easy-to-navigate, fully-fledged online fantasy RPG.

Users take on the role of Lords, ruling over a section of the imperial territory. By subjugating monsters (“Mystical Beasts”) that appear in various places, users can form contracts with them to strengthen their parties, and fight together as allies.

Find allies, help them grow, and form your own ultimate army!

Key Features

  • Take part in dramatic and exhilarating battles with the easy-to-use controls!
  • Combine strengths with your allies in Union Battles (GvG) for intense Skill-versus-Skill fights!
  • Experience the world aurally through character voices by a team of incredible Japanese voice actors!

For now, there do not seem to be plans to localize the Switch port for English-speaking audiences. We’ll report back if we hear more.