Fromto: New Trailer + Details, Release For Switch Delayed To Q3 2019

Fromto: New Trailer + Details, Release For Switch Delayed To Q3 2019

Headup Games has published a new trailer for their quirky racing game Fromto, and revealed that its release for Switch has been pushed back from Q2 to Q3 2019.

In their announcement, Headup Games confirmed that Fromto will first release on PC, Mac and Linux platforms on July 4th, while the Switch version will come later in Q3 of the year. They also released a new “Kids Creation” trailer for the game, and described its mechanics in further detail.

Check out the new trailer for yourself below, along with some additional press details:

After many insanely fun playing sessions at PAX East and a Team Choice Award Award from Marooners Rock, we are happy to announce the first fixed release date of our upcoming party game. Fromto will be released on PC, Mac and Linux on June 4th. The version for Nintendo Switch will follow later this year, in Q3 2019.

Fromto results quickly in hilarious fun, laughter and yelling because so many random unforeseen and crazy impossible things will happen: After all players collected their vehicle of choice by foot in a short mini-game-like-lobby, they will start the first phase in a quite wild, but pre-set level. All players try to first reach a checkpoint and then the finish line. But this probably won’t happen in the first attempt, it’s more for checking out the level.

After all players finished their try, the magic happens in the second phase: All the little cars turn into helicopters and you’re going to collect different, randomly dropped crates which contain new track parts to place in the pre-set level: This can be helpful things like new platforms, ramps and jump pads or hindering elements such as obstacles and traps for your opponents, or just fun things like a cannon that shoots small bubbles of glue.

In addition to those random pieces, there is a shop for every player where you can buy even more ‘helpful’ things with points earned by performing stunts. Overall, there are more than 50 different parts that can be placed. A time limit will stop your creativity after 60 seconds and the next round will start.

All of this comes with a very special art style, as the game was created by the developer and contemporary artist Erik Habets, together with his two kids Niki (5) and Joep (2). Do not be mistaken, although the game might look childish, Fromto is not only for the young ones. This is a game for kids from ages 8 to 108 – and specifically for the grownup kids (and influencers)!  😉

At PAX East, there was so much laughing and yelling at the Fromto corner of our booth, it was sheer fun to watch people playing.

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