Game Freak Now Seeking New Hires For 2020

Game Freak Now Seeking New Hires For 2020

It seems like Game Freak will soon be expanding its ranks.

Recently, the company updated its website with a new recruitment call for the year 2020. From 20 December 201814 February 2019, applications for the following roles will be open:

  1. Programmer: Game programming work in C ++, and similar tools
  2. Graphic designer: Game design, production of graphics to be implemented in games
  3. Planner: operations mainly focusing on the planning of game software

However, the Pokemon series developers did not hint or state what projects these new hires will be working on.

In any case, the quest for more manpower implies that Game Freak might already have something exciting in the works! Let’s hope the company manages to bring some talented folks on board.