Game Guide: Getting Shiny Pokemons Easily in Ultra Sun/Moon

Game Guide: Getting Shiny Pokemons Easily in Ultra Sun/Moon

Previously in older games, there was about a 1 in 8000 chance of catching a Shiny Pokemon. It is not impossible, but neither was it an exceptionally easy task. Things were very time consuming to say the very least.

However, in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, they took practically everything that was rare in the other games and throw it out the window for everyone to get. Here is a guide on how to get that Shiny Pokemon easily.

Shiny Catching Checklist

  1. Complete The Game
    Should not be too hard for all you Pokemon Masters, just defeat the Elite Four and Champion once.
  2. Charizard Glide To Altar Of The Moone
    Fly to Altar of the Moone which is at the North side of Poni Island
  3. Enter The Wormhole
    Just enter the wormhole
  4. Get As Far As You Can
    To do this, you have to get as many golden orbs and avoid as many blue balls of electricity
  5. Enter Into A Warp-hole
    At around the  2,5000 lightyears mark, you will more or less see more warp-holes with a rainbow hoop around it. You will want to enter into one of them to increase the chances of getting a shiny. Alternatively, a rarer double hoop purple with auroras around it is rarer and have an even greater chance of getting a shiny.
  6. Save Your Game
    When you enter into the warp-hole, the Shiny Pokemon you are going to meet is certain. Meaning, even if you load your game the Pokemon that appears will still be shiny. This will allow you to load your save file should you not like the nature or stats of the Shiny Pokemon.
  7. Catch And Return

While this does not mean that you will be able to meet a Shiny Pokemon everytime you succeed in getting to the Warp-hole, at least if a Shiny Pokemon did not appear, you still have a chance for a legendary Pokemon.

If you would like to get a Shiny legendary Pokemon however, you’ll need to employ the traditional method of saving and loading once you enter the warp-hole as they are not predetermined like the Shiny Pokemons.

You will probably need the below tip too as well to be a master of this “mini-game”

Changing From Motion Controls To Circle Pad

Motion control is not for everyone, it is definitely easier to use the circle pad. So you have to change the default controls from motion to circle pad. Here is how:

  1. Head to Heahea City In Akala Island
    Fly there with Charizard Glide or any other methods that suits you.
  2. Go To Game Freak Building
    The building is next to the Pokemon Center
  3. Head To The Second Floor And Talk To Man In White
    The man in white is at the bottom left
  4. Change To Your Prefered Controls
    Let him say his stuff and change to your prefered controls. If you like motion controls, no one is going to judge you.

So That is it for this guide, hope you get your Shiny Pokemon, and get it in droves. They’re no longer as rare as you think they are anymore.