GameCube Controller Adapter Delayed To May 2019 In The UK

GameCube Controller Adapter Delayed To May 2019 In The UK

We have some extremely shocking news to share with you concerning the official GameCube Controller Adapter for Nintendo Switch.

The official Nintendo UK store has sent out an email to those who have pre-ordered the GameCube Controller Adapter. In the email, the store says the GameCube Controller Adapter has been delayed to May 2019 due to “unforeseen production issues”.

This is a shocking and unacceptable 5 month delay, and it couldn’t be simply explained away with “unforeseen production issues”. I had to check to make sure today is not April Fools’ Day.

Here’s the email, in case you are curious:

“Thank you for your recent pre-order of Nintendo GameCube Controller Adapter for Nintendo Switchthrough the Nintendo Official UK Store.

We are contacting you as the GameCube Controller adapter has been postponed until May 2019 due to unforeseen production issues.

Please rest assured that once we have a confirmed launch date we will notify you and does not impact any other Super Smash Bros. Ultimate items you may have pre-ordered at the same time.”

The GameCube Controller Adapter is an important product required to connect the GameCube Controllers to Nintendo Switch. This is especially essential for players looking forward to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in December.

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