GameStop Calls Nintendo Switch “The Most Successful Nintendo Launch Ever”

GameStop Calls Nintendo Switch “The Most Successful Nintendo Launch Ever”

GameStop recently had their quarter financial conference call earlier today, and the company’s management commented on the state of Nintendo Switch sales.

Chief Executive Officer Paul Raines called the Nintendo Switch a “massive success”, as the console has generated 14.8% growth in hardware sales. It’s also the “most successful Nintendo launch ever” for the retailer.

Attach rates have been pretty high too – it has remained consistently 5-to-1 since the launch of the system back in March. GameStop’s attach rate factors in both games and accessories.

GameStop believes the high demand for Nintendo Switch shows the market’s appetite for games is healthy, and Raines mentioned that the SNES Classic Edition saw “very high demand” this week – unsurprising since the plug-and-play system has been sold out across the United States.

As for Nintendo Switch stock, GameStop is expecting a “healthy allocation” streaming into stores in the second half of 2017. Although GameStop has the largest market share of the Nintendo Switch among all retailers in North America, the company claims Nintendo has been allocating units lesser than their market share.

The retailer says they continue to see high demand for the Nintendo Switch, which is expected to continue throughout the holiday season.



2 thoughts on “GameStop Calls Nintendo Switch “The Most Successful Nintendo Launch Ever”

  1. I feel that it is bigger then the Wii, but everyone calls me crazy, Come on Nintendo Switch, break the Wii and then the Nintendo DS record!

    1. I agree it’s bigger than Wii in a sense. But in some countries, there isn’t much hype. I think it’s pretty much bigger than Wii in North America, Japan, and most countries in Western Europe. Not so much in other places (it doesn’t really matter – North America, Japan, and Europe are where 95% of Nintendo’s profits come from lol).

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