GameStop Close To Shutting Down According To Leak

GameStop Close To Shutting Down According To Leak

Camelot331, a Youtuber who has previously leaked Gamestop layoffs from unknown sources, shared a video earlier this week that Gamestop will be shutting down almost entirely.

Camelot explains that the company is entering “Phase 3″:a massive lay-off for the company.

There were two previous phases for GameStop with”Phase 1” being the initial regional manager lay-off at the beginning of August and “Phase 2” was the dismissal of over 100 corporate employees, including almost the entire senior editorial staff of Game informer according to The Gamer.

Now, “Phase 3” entails the shut down of almost every Gamestop retail location across the country.

Gamestop stock has been a victim of digital sales and the response to this has been a transition to merchandise sales of toys and other physical items though it doesn’t seem to have been enough. The partial closure is most likely a temporary way to give stock prices a boost before the company goes down for good.

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