GameStop Gives A Free Nintendo Switch To Every Manager

GameStop Gives A Free Nintendo Switch To Every Manager

It seems GameStop has been feeling a little generous with their employees lately.

During GameStop Expo at Las Vegas, a store manager revealed that the company gave a Nintendo Switch console to every manager in attendance. For these managers, this was a huge deal, since there was no big Nintendo product given away in the past.

This was major for us though because Nintendo NEVER gives stuff to GameStop employees. We have constantly gotten shafted on exclusives, console bundles, etc. But they announced at our Expo that we are the #1 retail seller of Switches and have sold more hardware and software for Nintendo since launch than Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart combined. So I think that’s what led them to this decision.

Part of the reason why GameStop gave a free Switch to every manager is because they are the number 1 retailer in terms of Nintendo Switch sales in North America, so it’s sort of a “good job” reward. And we wonder whether these managers got it in the same forced bundles