Georifters First Free Content Update Available Now, Adds New Outfits And More

Georifters First Free Content Update Available Now, Adds New Outfits And More

Fans of Georifters can now dive in with some fresh new additions to the game!

Leoful and Busy Toaster Games have released the first free update for the puzzle platformer adventure on Switch. In particular, the update adds new costumes, a Time Challenge mode, the Power Punch ability, and language support for six languages.

Check out the full details below:

November 13, 2020 – Video game publisher Leoful and Taipei-based indie developer Busy Toaster Games today have released the free content update for their terrain bending adventure Georifters. Here is a breakdown on what’s on offer:

NEW OUTFITS!! Since the Georifter heroes are big fans of horror movies and it’s Friday the 13th they’ve dressed up in an all new spooky themed costume set! Each wickedly delightful costume really is one of a kind. Chief might be too much of an idiot to be scary, but his nightmare clown costume will definitely unsettle you. It’s downright dismaying!

And Dr. Schnoz even got into the spirit by sticking his head inside a jack-o-lantern. Or replaced his head with a jack-o-lantern? No one is sure which – spooky stuff!

Every single Georifter has gotten into the spirit of the season and found just the right costume to send a shiver down your spine. So come check out these fantastically frightful costumes!

TIME OUT! A new game mode called Time Challenge has been added, where you can put your skills to the test as you battle against the clock to complete each stage as quickly as possible. Remember: Time waits for no one.

– Speaking of… Time to punch in with the brand new Power Punch ability. Get ready to take things to the next level when it comes to punching blocks, punching monsters, punching each other, etc. with the regular Punch getting an extra dose of Power. Now you can charge up your regular punches in order to release a devastating Power Punch. It hits harder, pushes stuff farther, and causes more damage and mayhem than the regular punch.

– But with great power comes great responsibility. Specifically two power charges worth of it! Get to grips with the new technique during the new Power Punch Tutorial Level so punch responsibly, and have fun!

– So what’s new with you? A ‘What’s New’ message board system has been created so players can see all the important updates that have happened all in one place.

Six new languages have been added to give Georifters some extra international flavour: こんにちは Japan, Ciao Italy,  Bonjour France, Hallo Germany, Hola Spain and Ola Brazil, welcome to the manic terrain bending world of Georifters!

Georifters is now available for Nintendo Switch. You can grab an Asian English physical edition of the game (with an exclusive in-game skin) from the NintendoSoup Store over here (with free international shipping).

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