Golf Story Vinyl Soundtrack Now Up For Order

Golf Story Vinyl Soundtrack Now Up For Order

Those who appreciate some retro vinyl music in their homes can now enjoy the complete 17 tracks of Golf Story music on Vinyl now. The translucent “fairway green” vinyl will come in a cover that is beautifully illustrated by ExitMothership.

Also, if you would like to take the tunes with you, MP3 versions of the tracks will also be made downloadable for those who have purchased the vinyl, making it totally worth its $23 asking price. If you are interested in the vinyl, you should definitely head here to Fangamer.

Watching this translucent, fairway-green vinyl spin on your turntable might remind you of those elitist disc golfers, but don’t worry: It sounds true, and it’s impossibly dynamic.

This official Golf Story vinyl contains the complete soundtrack by Joel Steudler, wrapped in art from ExitMothership. It comes with a free, immediate digital download in 320kbps MP3 format.